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April 2017

“The 46th? Whats that even mean?”

What’s in a name?

If you are asking this question and you live in Oklahoma you need to brush up a little on your state history. Oklahoma was the 46th state to join the Unites States and that happened on November 16, 1907 (this will be discussed in another blog post soon). Oklahoma was made up of Indian Territory and Oklahoma Territory. The name Oklahoma is of course derived from the Choctaw Indian words okla (people) and humma (red). So for a little gun company in the great state of Oklahoma, we thought “The 46th” was a great name. We proud to be from Oklahoma.

It was also picked with our customers in mind. We produce a custom precision rifle that has our name, city, and state on it. This is an ATF requirement for any gun produced in the U.S. So we thought about it and asked ourselves would our customers rather have “Josh’s Gun Shack” or some other equally non personalized name ¬†permanently and prominently engraved on the side of their gun – or – would they rather have something meaningful on the side of their gun? Again score one for “The 46th.”

Also, since every gun we manufacture has our name engraved on the side we thought it was important to choose a name that was relatively short. I mean we could have stuck with our state pride and went with “God bless Oklahoma – the best state in the union – and long live the 2nd Amendment.” Imagine trying to fit all of that on the side of a short barrel rifle!

Finally, we wanted a name that had a little bit of intrigue to it. We did not want to get in line and come up with yet another cliché name, theres already plenty of them out there in the gun industry.

So we came up with a name that was meaningful, personal, short, and intriguing:

The 46th